Update for the past few months

Well, I've finally gotten off of my ass and posted a section for pictures, updates, and other random items I decide to post, so if you wish look here in the future from time to time. I wouldn't check very often because I'm only going to take pictures and do updates when something big happens... i.e. not terribly often.

Quite a bit has happened since I posted the bio page on here, actually. This past summer was really great for me, my boss allowed me to take an extra week for vacation which allowed me to not only attend RAGBRAI, but also to spend two weeks at camp to head up the LIT session. The LIT session was pretty fantastic, the kids were great, and despite the fact that there were *25* of them they still were by and large well-mannered, fun and able to take care of what they needed to take care of without going bonkers. I let them know I was on vacation, and as such would not be willing to take any crap from them, it worked out.

Mo' Money Max
Max not only shows off the beautiful fix we made on the bike (notice the duct tape), but his support for the "West Side" as well.
As for RAGBRAI, ouch. Max convinced me that riding self-contained would be a great idea, and we both bought bags and racks so we could carry all of our stuff on our bikes. Because it was so easy the previous year we thought we could be men and do everything all on our own, only sissies need help, right? So we strapped everything to our bikes and rode 520 miles in 7 days, six days of which contained a serious headwind with pretty gigantic hills as well. We were completely exhausted, and not without reason. On a couple of the longest days (one of which reached 100 miles) we were on the road at 6:00am and off the road at 8:30pm. On the 5th day I seriously hurt my achilles tendon and the paramedics refused to treat me, saying there was nothing they could do and anything they tried would only make it worse. Because we were riding without support I ripped the sleeve off of my shirt, put it around my ankle, and duct taped the thingto stabilize it. I rode the last 100+ miles that way, and it worked out just fine. Don't let my bitching get to you, I really had a good time with Max on RAGBRAI, but I think I've ridden self-contained for the last time... at least for a while. Just being able to hang out with Max for a week solid was worth it, he's quite a guy.

Later in the summer I was able to get back and visit with two of my engaged friends. Andy and Martin are both getting married (and not to each other, believe it or not), Martin to the girl he's been dating since high school, Andy to a girl he started dating around Christmas. I'm extremely happy for both of them, they're both great friends and deserving of a lifetime of happiness. It was nice to be able to hang out with some of my old high school friends, who I definitely don't get to see enough. I was also able to see Jen (my first girlfriend), my family, and Andrea from grade school. Good times, good times.

Since then it was pretty quickly through September, October and November into Thanksgiving. I was able to take a 4 day trip to Boston for a big office party in Cambridge, which was fun by and large. I was also able to take a trip out to see my cousin in Boulder. If you ever want to take a short vacation somewhwere try going to Boulder, it's absolutely beautiful. My cousin is HUGE, I still think of him as the 2 year old I met when I was a kid.... he's a pretty cool guy too, I hope I had something to do with it, though I probably just stunting his growth (emotionally, physically, whatever) by playing pranks on him.

Jonah + Turkey
We had a pretty nice spread this Thanksgiving. I somehow managed to cook the turkey without incident.
This is the 4th Thanksgiving I've held a Thanksgiving here, although this year for the first time there were more people here I didn't know than those I did. It was nice to be able to cook a big meal with my friends, I handled turkey and corn detail, and did a pretty good job of it I think. I may not be able to cook much, but have me over for Thanksgiving and watch the master baster go to work. You won't be disappointed. Overall the meal was a success, we had a pretty good time, and then the turkey kicked in and I fell asleep at 5:30, to awake the next morning at 10. Not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving if you ask me.

Recently I've started dating a girl I've known for some time, Kati. I've always thought she was cool, but because I met her through Dylan I never really considered her as date material, I don't really know why. I've only been on a couple of dates with her thus far, and maybe this little tidbit shouldn't be posted, but I guess it'll give me something to fill you all in on as things go good or bad. No matter what she's an awfully good person, so I hope things work out.

That's pretty much all for now. I'll be coming home for New Years to have Christmas with my mom, and probably to pay a quick visit with a few of my friends. If you happen to be in Chicago give me a ring. Thanks for stopping by and keeping tabs on me. If you want to contact me send me an email.