View from our breakfast spot
on Tonsai Beach in Krabi

Base of a statue at the
royal palace, Bangkok

Closeup of an exterior wall on the
royal palace grounds in Bangkok

The reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Statue guarding the exit of the Royal Palace

A royal barge in Bangkok

Starting toward the waterfall at
Khao Panom Bencha National Park
in Krabi Province

Another royal palace guard

A rocky wall at Tonsai Beach,
steep rocky cliffs surround the beach
making it accessible only by boat

Rocky formation on Railay Beach

Kim and the son of Mark and May,
who bake the best bread in Thailand
and make a good spaghetti carbonara

Closeup of the front of one of the
royal barges at the Royal Barge
Museum in Bangkok

My bungalow just above Tonsai Beach

Darkness falls on Railay Beach

A statue on the royal palace grounds