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More whiz! More bang! More flash! And all for the same low, low price! Why do we do it, then? For love. I love you. You're beautiful.

So back in the old days, my webpage was called The Ansible, an homage to Orson Scott Card (actually, an homage to Ursula K Leguin, but I had not read "The Left Hand of Darkness" yet). There were a couple problems with it. One, someone else went and made a webpage with the same name (after me), and registered the domain name. Two, it was kind of a geeky sci-fi name.

Meanwhile, all this time I had a perfectly serviceable name right under my nose (well, at least since 1997). My computer used to be named "mojo," but Keith Finlay took one look at the name, and screamed "MOJOFRUIT!" and it was changed forever. I think he was trying to quote a blues song, but he heard "mojo fruit," instead of "mojo root."


Hats off to the inventor of the clipboard. Rarely has anyone done so much for the progress of humankind. Other than that, the password protection (for administrative purposes) is from builder.com. The fruit clipart comes from iband.com, an excellent free clipart website. The PHP and MySQL tutorials on webmonkey were very useful in creating my photo database.

About the design

Page design by Whiskey Sims, whose motto is "Give me Photoshop and a fifth of Jack, and there ain't nothin' I can't do." Alas, if only that were true. If you give Whiskey Sims a fifth of Jack, he ends up passed out on the couch, drooling over himself. So I had to do all the work. I was going for an organic sort of look, seeing as most of the spiffed up personal webpages I've seen all look like the corporate website of a dot com considering pulling an Enron (We'll see what the half-life is on that statement).

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