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As usual, reality makes mockery of ambition. I had originally intended this page to be something more than the usual list of links to friends' web pages. But alas, that proved too hard, so here's the obligatory list:
My girlfriend's excellent web page.

the periphery
Any description about Jeffrey Huo would have to be filled with superlatives. He's probably the most extraordinary person I know. He writes a pretty mean web page, too. I've got a lot to learn from him.

Jonah's Unwaxed Webpage
Jonah, Jonar, J-Bone... Anyway you put it, you've got a great guy. And he lets me pick on him. And he agrees with me most all the time. Just don't ask him to buy beer for you.

...home of the Watt's. Love them or hate them--and I think most of us love them and hate them--the Watt's have been an integral part of the ASIJ experience for as long as I can remember. Terry's got a page! Sheila's got a page! Julie's got a page! C'mon Ellen, you're never too young to start...

Keith Finlay
has a website, which I am linking, at his request. It has some pictures of the old lady, and other sundry pictures.