Canadian Soldier
The first and only image for my anti-Canadian site. After watching a curling match I couldn't bear to complete the job.
So why is this site here?

Some time ago I bought the domain, which I used to host email and a web site for the people in my house. Everybody in our house had some sort of site except for me, and seeing as how I worked for a company that made websites, I thought I should try to put something up.

Initially my problem was that I didn't want to create a site without a really good idea for one, I thought a personal website without any actual content would be lame. After some thinking I hit upon the idea for creating an anti-Canadian propaganda site, using a mixture of Soviet Cold War propaganda (doctored to make it look Canadian) and pictures of me in hockey masks and Canadian beer tshirts... it wasn't a horrible idea. My problem was one of motivation, the idea just didn't do anything for me. I made the image you see to the left and a page that showed me how to make crossover cables (so I wouldn't have to use a search engine to find it) but that was it, and for a year or so my site just sat there.

And sat there and sat there, until one day while I doing queries on domain names (it was a rainy winter and I was bored) I ran into "", which I liked the sound of and registered immediately. To me hoverin' describes a state somewhere between lazy and shiftless, which accurately describes my approach with this site.. With my new domain name in hand I thought it would not only be appropriate but necessary that I build a site that had no real purpose, and so this site as you see it was born.

In summation this site has no purpose, if you're looking for content you're definitely in the wrong place. Eventually I might take the time to get a couple of my funnier ideas online (though after 3 years I still haven't bothered, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you), as well as pictures from some of the bigger happenings in my life, which you can find at this link. If you want to contact me send me an email, otherwise thanks for stopping by!